Teachers’ Booklist Summer/Fall 2015

I honestly love doing this teachers’ booklist twice a year. It makes me really think about what I should know and be able to talk about with students and teachers. At this point, if teachers are looking at it, they aren’t talking to me about it. That’s totally fine, but I have no way of knowing if anybody is actually using it for anything. I need to think about ways to actually bring it into conversation and get some information.

I discovered, much to my chagrin, that there is a limit on Smore as to how many flyers you can make. I was forced to look elsewhere for a new resource, and I’m so glad I did. Lucidpress is a fantastic online program that makes a large number of different things. I used a magazine template, but, as you’ll see when you click on it, it works almost like a presentation. There is a limit on Lucidpress, too, but it could work really well depending on what you are trying to accomplish or produce.

Anyway, here’s the list! I’m really excited about this one as I think that I’ve done a good job picking what really will be fairly popular with readers. Several of the books on here are already very popular!