Fave Tech

This is an ongoing list of my favorite free software and websites for educational use. There are a ton out there, so I’m really trying not to overdo this page and actually keep it to my very favorite. I’m also trying to keep it to thing that are unique in some way or are just the very best at what they do.


Edmodo is a social networking site, but don’t let that scare you. Edmodo is designed for educational use by teacher and students. It feels like Facebook but is safer for students. You can create a class page, add quizzes, homework assignments, pictures, PDFs… It’s really very cool. They have a demo video on the mainpage that you should check out.


Engrade is by far the best online gradebook system I have encountered. I cannot speak enough praise about it, and I have used a lot of gradebooks. I even created my own in excel once. Just click on the link and give it a chance.


Glogster is an online, interactive “poster” creation tool. I put poster in quotations because that’s what they say, but I like to think of it more like a handout – a handout you can add links and embed videos into. I have come up with a number of uses for Glogs, personally, but I’m sure there are any number of other ones creative teachers could think of.


Most people are familiar with Prezi at this point, but I include it here because it is often forgotten about for student use. Prezi is like an updated, more interesting version of PowerPoint, when used correctly. It forces students to think about and organize  information visually.


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