Spring 2016 Teachers’ Booklist

I went extremely simply with this semester’s teachers’ booklist and just used Google Slides. There are still a surprising number of public school employees who have no idea how easy Google Drive is to use and why it’s such a great resource (especially now that documents are not saved under logins but rather just to that one device), so I just decided to use a product I know how to use in the hopes of opening some eyes a little bit.

I know that many people who don’t know Drive are also the same people who probably never look at my list, but I just choose to ignore things like that most of the time.

Anyway, I’m really happy with the way this turned out, even if it is just a PowerPoint presentation, essentially. It worked better than I anticipated; with the teachers’ booklist, I am very in touch with what I want it to be and look like, and Slides did a better job than I thought it would. I also think this turned into a pretty good list, even though I had a lot of trouble deciding which books to put on it.

Here it is! Enjoy!


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