New Job and Some Serious Life Changes

It’s been so long since I had an actual chance to blog about something that was actually relevant to librarianship. Thank goodness I’m finally feeling like I can do this again. I’ve missed it.

Follow me on Goodreads if you want the book reviews I used to put here. It was just too much to put them in both places.

I moved over the summer without a job in the place to which I moved. And I got married. Things were…busy. I feared I’d be without a job for a while, but I picked up a part-time position with the public library here and then took over for a retiring librarian at a high school in the area a few months into the school year. So I’m at a completely different school this year, in a whole different school system, which is part of the reason that I just ignored this blog for a while. And I will be able to talk about some things having to do with public libraries too! I’m really very excited about the whole thing.

And I love my new school job, so hurray! Anyway, I just wanted to address those changes. More on the new stuff coming soon!


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