Lunch Fun

My current school operates on a schedule that includes SMART lunch. When I was in high school, we called it tutorial, and they got rid of it shortly after I graduated, and I’ve never worked at a school that has had anything like it since.

I think it’s genius. Ours is an hour long lunch period in the middle of the day. Students can get lunch at any point during that hour, and teachers have a designated 30 minutes for lunch. For the other 30 minutes, teachers have duty, tutoring, club meetings, etc. depending on the day of the week.

The library is open for all of SMART lunch, every day, for the most part. There are always things that cause us to close (testing), but we are usually open. So I’ve decided to use that time to try to bring our program into the makerspace movement and 21st century learning.

We’ve designated areas in the library for certain things. We have quiet study, mostly-quiet whatever, computers reserved for school work, the gaming computers, the games area, and the lounge. There are several tables that don’t fall under any of those specifications, which I think is fine.

We are also adding activities on certain days. Every other Friday will be Artsy Fartsy Friday, with art projects in the area designated mostly quiet whatever. Unfortunately, that area is next to the quiet study area, which I want to keep open all the time, so I’m not sure how that’s going to work. Right now, since we are starting in the middle of the school year with this, these things will end up being mostly a test for next year and we will be able to make adjustments, so there’s that.

On alternating Tuesdays, we will do Reading Hour and Book Club. Students will only be welcome in the library on Reading Hour days if they are reading a print resource (or for quiet study). There will be no computer access on those days and no games. Book Club days will still be open to everyone, with book club being held in the lounge as long as there is room for everyone there. Since we are a school and have limited access to numerous copies of the same book, I tweaked the Book Club format so that we just choose a subject or genre or author or whatever I can think of and participants get to choose the book they read and share with everyone else.

All three programs are drop-in; no one is required to show up every time or even at a specific time. The latter may have to change with Book Club but like I said, we’re trying it out.

I’m really excited about each of these things and I will definitely post about what happens with each of them.


Spring 2015 Teachers’ Booklist

After the success of my Teachers’ Booklist last year, I decided to continue it at my new school. So far, it seems to be getting a pretty good response, garnering about 20 views within the hour after I emailed it out and tweeted about it, and I’ve gotten one email asking for help from a teacher using Smore for a project she wants to do.

Here’s the current one, which is slightly different than the previous ones. Check the “Note about this list in particular” paragraph in the first section for more information.

And here are the blog posts about the Summer/Fall 2014 and Spring 2014 lists for reference.

New Job and Some Serious Life Changes

It’s been so long since I had an actual chance to blog about something that was actually relevant to librarianship. Thank goodness I’m finally feeling like I can do this again. I’ve missed it.

Follow me on Goodreads if you want the book reviews I used to put here. It was just too much to put them in both places.

I moved over the summer without a job in the place to which I moved. And I got married. Things were…busy. I feared I’d be without a job for a while, but I picked up a part-time position with the public library here and then took over for a retiring librarian at a high school in the area a few months into the school year. So I’m at a completely different school this year, in a whole different school system, which is part of the reason that I just ignored this blog for a while. And I will be able to talk about some things having to do with public libraries too! I’m really very excited about the whole thing.

And I love my new school job, so hurray! Anyway, I just wanted to address those changes. More on the new stuff coming soon!