Ah crap. I’ve been doing it wrong.

Well, this was an epiphany of pretty high measures. Check out this article about why you should give the student a pencil when they need it, every time they need it.

While it is opinion, every thing this guy says makes total sense. I always kept a slew of writing utensils when I was teaching and asked students to give me something if they needed to borrow one so I would get them back. I don’t know why I was concerned about getting them back, in hindsight.

Anyway, just something I wanted to share. If I’m ever back in a classroom, this will be a difference from the last time. And it definitely is already the norm in my library. I have a drawer of nothing but writing utensils in the supply cabinet in the middle of the library. I just shove everything extra in there and students are welcome to it whenever they need.


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