The In-Between Time

I always think of the summer as the in-between time. Every year I was teaching, I’d spend the first week of the summer doing. literally. nothing. I’d move up from there and then about two weeks before school was scheduled to start, I would be bored out beyond belief. This summer has been no different. Arguably, it’s been the most in-between time I have ever had because of the circumstances of it.

I just graduated with my MSLS in May. I work in schools, so it was never like I was going to have work to do during these summer months. I chose to travel for five weeks and went to Turkey, Greece, Italy, and Austria.

But now it’s that time when I’m starting to get bored. I need things to be happening! Thankfully, I have a job lined up that I am really excited about. And I’ve decided to start this blog as a way to continue my professional develop as an educator and librarian.

I struggled with how much of myself I wanted to put out there. Should I really be sharing my name? But in the end, I want this blog to be an extension of my library and myself, so I think it’s important to put the real person into it.

Between now and when school starts, I will stick to making sure this looks the way I want it to, connecting all the important accounts, and also trying to protect at least a little of my privacy.

I’m excited!